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Interview with Fashion Model Vincent Tancredi

Boxing, Muay Thai, and yoga are hobbies of Vincent, but at the same time, these are activities that he has to do to keep his form.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Vincent Tancredi

Vincent Tancredi


by Beren Dere

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Vincent took his first steps into the fashion world with his friends' suggestions and advice. Now, he is sure that he was select the right way. Boxing, Muay Thai, and yoga are hobbies of Vincent, but at the same time, these are activities that he has to do to keep his form. In order to learn more about his lifestyle, modeling career, and future plans I asked Vincent Tancredi and he answered my questions detailed. Enjoy the interview!

Vincent Tancredi

Vincent Tancredi

How did you decide to be a professional model? Who or what inspired you?

I lost three jobs at once. Then it looked like my music career was about to take off. It didn’t. After that, a few friends pointed me in this direction and now I’m here, modeling.

When did you sign with an agency?

I signed with The Green Agency in March I believe.

What was your first job? How did it feel?

My first job with them was a boat shoot. We hung out on beautiful boats all day in Miami, got to ride a paddleboard for the first time, and took pictures for the companies ads. It felt awesome just to do that, never mind get paid for it.

What is your dream modeling job?

My dream modeling job would be a shoot that creates an opportunity where I get to play with a polar bear.

Vincent Tancredi

Vincent Tancredi

What magazine would you like to be on the cover of?

I would like to be on the cover of GQ

What do you enjoy most of the modeling?

What I enjoy most about modeling is all the great people it gives you the opportunity to meet.

What are your hobbies?

I guess my hobbies would be things like boxing, Muay Thai, yoga, lifting weights and trying to learn to surf lately. These all feel like skills for work now that I've been getting paid for them. I don’t know if we can call them hobbies anymore.

Vincent Tancredi

Vincent Tancredi

What is your personal style?

My personal style I would say I am concerned mostly with how the clothes fit. If it fits right it will look right.

How do you keep in shape?

I stay in shape with various types of working out. Keeps the body guessing and life more interesting. Boxing, Muay Thai, yoga, lifting, and surfing are some of those things.

What is in your backpack?

In my backpack, you would find a bunch of DJ and music producer equipment.

Vincent Tancredi

Vincent Tancredi

Who are your favorite designers?

My favorite and only designers I’ve worked with personally are William Sterling and Yong Lin. All the other runway and shoots I’ve done the designer wasn’t present.

Favorite photographers?

My favorite photographers are all the ones that have helped build my book up to this point. They are a big reason I’m surviving off modeling. Styven Jeune, Josh Merrill, Stephen Ellis, Mahmmud Yousef, Jasmine Cruz, Paul Greco, Alvin Caban, Kemuel Valdes, Boddy Pierre, and Tre Cruz.

Favorite brands?

My favorite brands are All Saints, Calvin Klein, Zara, Aldo and H&M

Favorite snack?

My favorite snack right now is chocolate covered pretzels.

Vincent Tancredi

Vincent Tancredi

Favorite music?

My favorite my music genre right now is dance music.

Favorite movie?

My favorite movie right now is Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Favorite city to visit? To shop?

My favorite city I visit is NYC. It’s not a bad place for shopping either.

If you weren't a model, what would you do?

If I wasn’t a model I would probably still be living in my car, sleeping on music studio couches, borrowing PB and J sandwiches from my friends to survive. Until one day when I made it work as a music producer and could return the sandwiches.

Vincent Tancredi

Vincent Tancredi

Favorite social media platform? IG info?

My favorite social media is Instagram and you can find me @vincent_tancredi

What advice would you give someone starting out?

The advice I would give someone starting out is to be very proactive. There are a lot of people that can help you but only if you are working your ass off.

Thank you Vincent.

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Agency Contact Information for Vincent

Agency : The Green Agency
Agency Location : Miami Beach, Florida, United States
Contact : Tammy Green / Agency Director / tammy@greenagency.com
Phone : (305)532-9225
Instagram : @thegreenagency
Facebook : greenagencymiami

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