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Kroger Launches Bromley's™ For Men Shaving and Grooming Collection

New item expands Our Brands portfolio and provides high-quality, easy-to-use men's personal care products for an affordable price

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Kroger Co. launches Bromley's™ For Men shaving and grooming collection.

The Kroger Co. launches Bromley's™ For Men shaving and grooming collection.


Source : The Kroger Co.

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The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) announced today the introduction of Bromley's™ For Men shaving and grooming products available exclusively in Kroger's Family of Stores and through its delivery and curbside pickup services.

"Bromley's For Men offers a complete, customizable grooming experience because Kroger knows it shouldn't be complicated or expensive," said Robert Clark, senior vice president of merchandising. "This new Our Brands product expands our personal care business while simplifying men's shaving and grooming, as we redefine the customer experience through Restock Kroger."

The Bromley's launch creates a quality collection, offering premium razors and replaceable blades, shaving accessories, and skincare for every man. Bromley's establishes a complete grooming experience with a leading razor and products for every step of the way—at a more affordable price.

Kroger's Our Brands team led the development and design of Bromley's, in partnership with skincare experts. The Bromley's collection includes: a pre-shave prep wash exfoliator; charcoal-infused daily cleanser; velvety shave cream; post-shave balm; and a daily moisturizing lotion with SPF 15. The skincare products complement the premium classic razor, supported by three interchangeable razor cartridges: Smooth Operator 7-Blade, Keepin' it Trimmed 5-Blade, and Single Stroke 3-Blade.

"Our customers continue to tell us how much they love Our Brands. In 2017, Our Brands achieved its highest-ever unit share and reached $20.9 billion in total sales," added Mr. Clark. "Bromley's For Men is a collection that's simple, affordable, and accessible—it will disrupt the men's shaving and grooming category."

According to a nationwide trial, 88 percent of participants said the Bromley's razor provided a smoother shave compared to their current razor, and 80 percent said they would purchase the product.

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