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RB Care Homes Acquires New Specialist Care Facilities in Liverpool and Lincoln

Dementia and Alzheimer's care homes in UK mark latest development for care agency

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Butter Hill care home operated by RB Care Homes (PRNewsfoto/RB Care Homes)

Butter Hill care home operated by RB Care Homes (PRNewsfoto/RB Care Homes)


Source : RB Care Homes

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The dedicated team at RB Care Homes are delighted to announce the acquisition of two new care venues, now part of their growing roster of impressive care home facilities. RB Care Homes are devoted to turning around ailing care homes in the UK and transforming them into fantastic places for residents to live and employees to work.

Homecrest Care Home in Liverpool and Saxilby House in Lincoln are both experts in providing specialist care, and after joining the RB Care Homes family, are already making marked improvements to their impressive service. Saxilby House provides residential care and day care services within easy reach of local amenities and with fantastic access for wheelchairs, as well as the ability for residents to keep their own pets if desired. This bespoke approach is shared by Homecrest, who provide gardens for residents to help ensure they remain engaged and as active as possible.

Following a refurbishment in 2011, Homecrest have been working to improve their exacting standards, and this privately owned residential care home offers bespoke care to a maximum of 29 users, ensuring the comfort and high level of care which makes them a trusted brand. Already recognised for its excellent care facilities, the staff at Homecrest have grown an enviable reputation over twenty-five years in residential Wallasey.

Whilst Homecrest provides expert care for residents with dementia, Saxilby House meanwhile is adept at providing superb standards for those with Alzheimer's, with ten single rooms giving a boutique feel and incredible attention to detail.

With an emphasis on ensuring the dignity and respect for all residents at partnered care homes, RB Care Homes provides the kind of specialist management consultancy which an increasing number of care homes and care agencies find invaluable in their continued development. Homecrest and Saxilby House will be working closely with RB Care Homes, including Raqia Bibi and her experienced team of professionals, to bolster their care facilities and service.

"We look forward to working with Homecrest Care Home and Saxilby House, getting to know the residents and their families and finding out how we can help make these care homes even better," says Raqia Bibi, Chief Operations Officer at RB Care Homes. "This is a long-term relationship, and we're bringing all of our experience to build a positive future for both venues and all residents."

Find out more about RB Care Homes at the official website http://www.rbcarehomes.com

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