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Chloe + Isabel Celebrates Seven Years of Female Empowerment, Launches First-of-Its-Kind Jewelry Collection

Chloe + Isabel continues its mission to empower women nationwide with the launch of The Anniversary Collection.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Chloe + Isabel

Chloe + Isabel


Source : Chloe + Isabel

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Chloe + Isabel continues its mission to empower women nationwide with the launch of The Anniversary Collection. This August, the NY-based direct sales and social retail company, best known for its wanderlust-worthy jewelry designs, takes a deeper dive into the world of modern luxury and celebrates exactly what makes the brand (and seven years in business) so special.

The first-of-its-kind collection is dedicated to its network of independent business owners, known as Merchandisers. "We designed this collection with our girlbosses in mind," said Kathryn Beaton, the company's SVP, Design & Product Development. "We wanted to give them beautifully crafted, high-end essentials to share with their customers and communities and most importantly, we wanted to celebrate them!" The brand's pioneering Merchandiser opportunity allows strong, female entrepreneurs to style their lives, their way. Each Merchandiser is set up for success through Chloe + Isabel's unique and innovative Online Office, which gives them the tools to curate their own online boutique and run their business their way, on their own time.

The Anniversary Collection consists of three new premium platings and features 23 new styles available in rose gold, silver and gold. Comprised of high-quality materials and techniques, including Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia inlay and precious 14k plating, prices range from $58-$298. Each original piece is designed in NYC and is lifetime guaranteed.

Since its launch in August 2011, Chloe + Isabel's mission to empower women has remained consistent. "Our community is made up of thousands of strong women. Many have faced tremendous obstacles in life. Hearing each woman's unique story and their path to success through our business opportunity makes it all worthwhile," said Connie Tang, Executive Chairwoman. Alongside Connie's leadership, Chloe + Isabel continues to support women's rights and equal opportunity in the workplace and beyond. On their seventh anniversary, Chloe + Isabel encourages every woman to be her own boss, find confidence and most importantly, Empower from Within.

Fans can purchase The Anniversary Collection exclusively on chloeandisabel.com and through its nearly 10,000 Merchandisers nationwide. For more information, follow Chloe + Isabel on social (@chloeandisabel) and join the conversation with #empowerME.

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