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Interview with Brian Youngil Cho, Founder and CEO of Resonado, about Flat Core Speaker Technology

Flat core speaker technology is an innovation that developed for shaping the future of the industry. I talked to Brian Youngil Cho, Founder and CEO of Resonado, to learn more about Flat Core Speaker Technology.

Friday, November 15, 2019



by Mehmet Kaplan

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Flat Core Speaker Technology was developed by Brian Youngil Cho and his father, LH Cho. FCS technology gave Brian Youngil Cho a vision and a goal. Resonado was founded by four University of Notre Dame students: Brian Youngil Cho, Peter Moeckel, Erikc Perez-Perez and Christian Femrite. They decided to offer this technology to the B2B market with products they would develop. Dedicated to developing this new technology, the Resonado team has completed the product development process and create solutions that offer the benefits of FCS Technology. Resonado took an important step in this direction and became the Official Sound Partner of Notre Dame Athletics. In order to learn more about Flat Core Speaker Technology, I talked to Brian Youngil Cho, Founder and CEO of Resonado.

Brian Youngil Cho

Brian, before talking about Resonado, could you tell us about your educational background and industry experiences?

I graduated from the University of Notre Dame as a Finance and Applied Mathematics double major. Before my college career, I was actually raised to be an Electrical engineer under my father, who was an engineer for his entire life, and was supposed to major in Electrical Engineering. Without my father's knowing, however, I chose Finance as my major when I entered college, and now I have an Electrical engineering background with a college degree in Finance and Applied Math.

How did you meet with Peter and Erikc? Who are Peter Moeckel and Erikc Pérez-Pérez?

Resonado was founded by four University of Notre Dame students: Peter Moeckel, Erikc Perez-Perez, Christian Femrite, and myself. We all met at Notre Dame.



Could you tell us about FCS technology and its history? Who is Mr. LH Cho?

Initially started as a family project, FCS technology was developed by myself and my father, LH Cho, who is our CTO. FCS technology rethinks the core mechanism behind how to sound is produced by rearranging the internal components that constitute a speaker design. With our technology, we can make speakers into any shape imaginable, while substantially reducing the overall size and weight of the product yet maximizing the efficiencies of the sound performances. With our technology, we can make cellphones sound better, cars lighter and more spacious, and turn any furniture in a living room into a smart speaker.

How did you come up with Resonado idea? Could you tell us about Resonado?

The FCS technology was something that my dad and I have tinkered on for a long time. The eureka moment came when we were trying to build a digital photo frame for my mom's birthday gift and had difficulty installing a speaker to play her favorite music by Sting. Since then, the technology was rapidly developed and we, 4 founders, founded Resonado to further develop and ultimately commercialize the technology here in the US market (as opposed to Korea where my dad and I are originally from). We have achieved major milestones over the past couple of years, and we are about to hit the market with our first products. Resonado will be at Booth #51780 at Eureka Park this coming CES 2020.

What are the advantages of Flat Core Speaker technology?

Form factors and performance efficiencies. Reduction in size, weight, and volume is one thing, and the increased efficiencies in terms of the sensitivity and wider range of audio spectrum coverage is the second. Design flexibility is something only our technology can achieve as well.

How did you use it, and what type of products did you create with this technology?

You will see our first products at CES 2020. Booth #51780 at Eureka Park!

How many different design and tech awards did you win by your designs? Please tell us about them.

We have won numerous awards in many international competitions, including but not limited to TechCrunch Disrupt SF, Rice Business Plan Competition, McCloskey Business Plan Competition, etc. Our technology has also have been featured in IEEE articles.

What surfaces or materials can you apply this technology? What are your plans?

One critical essence of our technology which is different from other competing technologies is that we use the same types of materials as the conventional cone-shaped speaker technology. We simply use LESS amount of materials to provide superior specifications, which is achievable only with our unique structural design. Therefore, our technology is the only technology that can readily replace ALL existing speakers in the market. Potential applications are endless. We can replace any speakers in any product ranging from cellphone speakers, to car speakers, to airplane speakers.

With the University of Notre Dame, founded in 1842, you have started a collaboration as a young company offering innovative audio solutions and Resonado became the Official Sound Partner of Notre Dame Athletics. Could you tell us about this partnership and your expectations?

Resonado partnered with Notre Dame Athletics because of the authentic brand alignment. From Resonado's perspective, Notre Dame is an elite, award-winning university committed to enabling success for its students and the surrounding community, while also teaching the social responsibility that goes with it. The University of Notre Dame enabled Resonado to be as successful as it is today.

What are your future plans for partnership and cooperation as a continuation of this success?

Both Resonado and Notre Dame Athletics are invested in each other's long-term success. As the "Official Sound Partner of Notre Dame Athletics," Resonado's vision is to bring the legendary sounds of Notre Dame Athletics to future generations of Fighting Irish fans in ways that were never before possible. From the smartphone, to the computer, to the television, to the home theater, to the automobile and beyond, Resonado technology will help redefine the shape of sound.

Do you have any new designs on the drawing table? What should we wait?

We have multiple products in the pipeline that we will be unveiling at CES 2020 at Booth #51780 in Eureka Park.

Social media has become an integral part of technology. How do you use social media for Resonado? How can our readers follow Resonado?

We actively use;
Facebook : @Resonado.US
Instagram : @resonado.us
Twitter : @ResonadoUS
Our website Blog : https://www.resonado.com/news/

How can our readers buy Resonado products? Do you have a worldwide delivery option?

Unfortunately, we are a B2B company, and you can only purchase our products via our business partners. Please subscribe to our newsletter to hear first about our technology in action!

What are your future plans for Resonado?

We envision becoming the new industry standard for the entire speaker industry. If you haven't noticed, the HDMI cable has become the industry norm for the audio/video streaming tool in about only a decade after it was released to the market. The industry quickly adopted the HDMI cable over VGA connector because the former was better than the latter in every way. We envision the same. Our FCS technology will soon be the industry norm where all speakers adopt our topology, allowing Resonado to be the essential ingredient inside every sound-emitting products, similarly with Intel inside every consumer electronics and Dolby inside every Hi-Fi audio.

Thank you Brian.

For more information, please visit website of Resonado