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Interview with Jarle Moen, Thief Executive Officer at THE THIEF from Oslo

THE THIEF is a lifestyle boutique hotel that located in Tjuvholmen where used to be a shelter for smugglers and thieves in the past. But now, Tjuvholmen, home of THE THIEF, is an attraction point for contemporary art and modern living. In order to learn more about THE THIEF and Oslo, I talked to Jarle Moen.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Jarle Moen, Thief Executive Officer at THE THIEF from Oslo

Jarle Moen, Thief Executive Officer at THE THIEF from Oslo


by Melisa Kaya

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Wherever you look at THE THIEF you can see art and design. THE THIEF is much more than a hotel, promises an entirely different experience for its guests. THE THIEF is stealing a piece from guests' hearts with THIEF UNPLUGGED music shows, unique THIEF ROOF, and specially designed suites that bearing the signature of notable designers. In order to learn more about THE THIEF and Oslo, I asked Jarle Moen, Thief Executive Officer at THE THIEF.

Jarle, before start talking about THE THIEF, could you tell us about your background and your career?

I have been working in hospitality my whole career. A true hotelier, from top to toe. I started serving in restaurants, and worked my way up to general manager positions in several Norwegian hotels, before joining THE THIEF in 2014.



THE THIEF is located in Tjuvholmen. Could you tell us about the past and present of Tjuvholmen?

Like the rest of sea-side Oslo, Tjuvholmen has undergone a massive change. Tjuvholmen is the city district which was once home to criminals and shady dealings, but now is a power centre for contemporary art and good city living at the water’s edge. International-caliber restaurants, cosy eateries, and high-quality galleries sit side by side in pedestrianised streets and squares. And the Astrup Fearnley Museum, designed by Italian star architect Renzo Piano, is the hotel’s nearest neighbor.



Could you tell us about THE THIEF and the overall concept?

THE THIEF is a lifestyle, boutique hotel, reflecting its surroundings. From the balcony, you can enjoy the view of the fjord. Inside, curator Sune Nordgren has hand-picked contemporary art which inspires, surprises and creates aesthetic experiences. The best local ingredients are served in our restaurant THIEF FOODBAR. In the summer, our guests may enjoy cold drinks with a view at THIEF ROOF. Or just relax in THIEF SPA with saunas, steam rooms, and a pool. At THE THIEF, we treat rock stars as guests and guests as rock stars. We swear by quality, concentrate on details and stretch ourselves to surprise you as a guest. This how we create hotel experiences.



What would you like to say about the design details of THE THIEF?

Art and design is part of THE THIEF’s DNA. Here you will find works of Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Antony Gormley compete with futuristic video art. It is everywhere. In the lobby, in the restaurant, in the stairways. Even in the elevator. The common areas and rooms have designer furniture from national and international quality producers selected by interior designer Wille Vaage. Art and design lovers are in for a treat.


THIEF MUSIC Unplugged 11/9 Artists: Malin Seline Strandberg & Natti - Photo by Jens Bredberg

THE THIEF is more than a hotel. What kind of events do you host throughout the year? Please tell us about THIEF CULTURE and the inspiration behind.

THE THIEF is much more than a five-star hotel. It is a concert scene for local and international talents through THIEF UNPLUGGED, where we showcase the work of today’s artists and introduces the stars of tomorrow. THE THIEF is a pop-up art gallery for local talent and world-famous artists, using the venue for various contemporary art exhibitions. In all shapes and contexts. THE THIEF has become part of the Norwegian and Nordic art pulse, and has truly revolutionized the concept of hotel art.


THE THIEF Deluxe Room

What type of different rooms and suites do you offer to your guests? Could you tell us about your rooms and suites? What are their features?

We have standard rooms (although nothing is standard about it), superior rooms, deluxe rooms and junior suits, in different sizes, but with the same quality features. I am sure you will enjoy the bedside light control, the balcony, the creative selection in our in-room shop, the full body mirrors by the door - and our little prank of having an extra pillow in the closet even though there are already nine pillows on the bed.


THE THIEF The Brit Suite

And of course, we have a special selection of suits. Like for example the Brit Suite, a celebration of British design, art and culture, with rooms inspired by the swinging ‘60s with a contemporary luxury feel designed by Conran Interiors and Norway’s Eske. We have many more, for example, the Broom Suite is a treat. It is named after and furnished by Lee Broom, an award-winning British designer.


Sir Peter Blake - The Oslo Suite

In THE THIEF, there is a special the Oslo Suite. What are the features of the Oslo Suite?

The Oslo Suite is our largest penthouse suite. It boasts a private rooftop terrace overlooking the Oslo fjord. This is 94 square meters of pure delight. It includes a separate bedroom, a dining room and original artworks by Sir Peter Blake to give the Oslo Suite the feel of an exclusive private apartment, but with a hotel staff to top it off.



When the summer comes, THIEF FOODBAR becomes a THIEF ROOFTOP FOODBAR. What could your guests find on your rooftop?

Well, the unique penthouse location and the breathtaking views make THIEF ROOF FOODBAR the perfect place for outdoor dining. Here you’ll find seating for 100 guests on the deck with the salty fresh air, and a sizzling Josper grill preparing light summer dishes and grilled meats and seafood. Look forward to spring chicken cured in porter beer, malt-marinated beef steak, and tagliatelle alle Vongole, among other delicacies. While enjoying you view over Oslo.


THE THIEF Chambre Séparée

Do you have an option for your guests who would like to organise a silent and private meeting or dinner?

Yes, we have a chambre séparée where you can enjoy your evening in deep chairs, and deep conversations.


THIEF SPA - Photo by Studio Dreyer Hensley

How did you combine different wellness ideas from all around the world? What are the secrets in THIEF SPA?

THIEF SPA has stolen the best ideas from spa cultures all over the world and brought them home. Just grab your robe and ride the elevator directly from your accommodations in complete discretion down to the spa entrance. Treat yourself to Turkish Hamam bath or Moroccan clay treatment. Get your facial cleanse, essential manicure or a relieving back massage by top professional therapists. THIEF SPA also lets you do your daily exercise in the tranquil, cove-like swimming pool area or at the gym.


THE THIEF FJORD - Photo credit @cicimoller

Could you tell us about THE THIEF meeting and conference rooms? What kind of services do you offer to companies that would like to organise their meetings in THE THIEF?

We have five meeting rooms/executive boardrooms, really discrete and comfortable venues, in addition to the larger meeting room, FJORD, which also features a private terrace. We offer private dining, all technical facilities, and personal service. We host meetings and events for up to 150 people.

What do you offer to your guest for making their holiday unforgettable? Which services and features of THE THIEF make it different from other hotels in Oslo?

As I said, we treat rock stars as guests and guests as rock stars. We take our pride in giving you a world-class hotel service experience.



What kind of additional services do you offer for business travelers?

In fact, we are the preferred hotel for many business travelers going to Oslo, from all over the world. They are experienced travelers and we do our very best to make their business trip as smooth as possible. Services like valet parking, transfer service, and room service are popular among business travelers.

Do you have any advantage packs that you offer to your regular and long-term guests?

We have long stay packages for both rooms and suites, and many local and tailored deals.

Which is the top season for travelers who want to visit Oslo? What is the reason?

Norway, and Oslo, in particular, has become really popular among travelers. They come from all around the world, but in recent years we have seen a strong increase in visits from China, Japan, and the Arabic countries. And of course, the US.



What are the most famous attractions near you?

We are located next door to the Astrup Fearnley Museum, a private museum of contemporary art. The building is a treat itself, designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano. It presents temporary art exhibitions of international art and housed the Astrup Fearnley collection, one of Norway’s most important and most extensive private collections of contemporary art, with iconic works by artists such as Damien Hirst, Anselm Kiefer, and Jeff Koons. Or, you can take stroll down the Aker Brygge boardwalk, and take the ferry out to Bygdøy island, and visit the museums there telling the story about the famous Norwegian polar adventurers like Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen, and the Kon Tiki expedition by Thor Heyerdahl.

How do you describe Oslo in one sentence?

The world’s largest little village, located between the sea and the forest, with the most welcoming people you will ever meet.

Thank you Jarle for this enjoyable interview.

For more information, please visit website of THE THIEF

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