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Interview with Richard Moore, Co-Founder and CEO of ILOVEHANDLES

Founded in 2010, ILOVEHANDLES is a design firm based in Portland, Oregon. They design innovative and stylish products that reflect different design concepts.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Richard Moore, Co-Founder and CEO of ILOVEHANDLES

Richard Moore, Co-Founder and CEO of ILOVEHANDLES


by Mehmet Kaplan

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Founded in 2010, ILOVEHANDLES is a design firm based in Portland, Oregon. Rich and Avik met in architecture school, and after graduation, they decided to create their own design firm and ILOVEHANDLES was born. They design innovative and stylish products that reflect different design concepts. In order to learn more about this journey, I asked Richard Moore, Co-Founder and CEO of ILOVEHANDLES.

Richard, could you tell us about your educational background and professional design career? Who is Richard Moore?

I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator before going to school for architecture. I also have an MBA. I wanted to be able to design graphics, products, and architecture.

When did you first decide to become a designer?

I have always been involved in art and design. I started making ‘zines when I was 13 or 14, which really led to learning software and getting more serious about graphic design. Product design really happened when I met Avik at Columbia, studying architecture.


Avik Maitra Co-Founder of ILOVEHANDLES

How did you meet with Avik? What inspired you to establish ILOVEHANDLES?

I met Avik at Columbia, while we were both getting a Master of Architecture. Avik and I had a lot of ideas for projects that we wanted to do together. ILOVEHANDLES was the first to really take off.


ILOVEHANDLES Switchboard - Coatrack

How would you describe your design approach? What is your creativity source?

I have no idea where the ideas come from. We don’t rely on trends or focus groups…or anything like this. We really try to focus on things that we would be excited to see in the world, and that we would buy.

What type of projects do you prefer and enjoy working on the most?

It really just depends on my mood. No real preference. If we launch it, we are excited about it. We don’t pay much attention to which segment it happens to fall under.


ILOVEHANDLES Rock Band - Watch Band

What was your first commercial design in ILOVEHANDLES studio? Please tell us the story.

Rock Band was our first product. It’s well-covered territory, but we thought the iPod nano would make a great watch and designed a watchband for it. We were the first to market, so it took off (at least by our standards at the time).



What type of products do you offer now? What are their common features?

A really wide range from tech accessories to home goods. We really just try to stick to products that are unique and smart.



What is your favorite material to use in your designs?

We went through a wood and magnet phase, then a concrete phase. We tend to stick with natural materials.

How do you decide to start a new project and run to the end? Do you make a plan or only expect inspiration?

No plan. Avik and I are lucky to have a productive creative relationship. We are good at building on each other’s idea until we are both excited about it.



What do you think about 3D printers? How did they affect the design culture? Do you still use paper and pen for your sketches, or is everything digital now?

I use an iPad for all of my drawing and sketching. We have a 3D printer, but we don’t use it very much.

What is the importance of social media for you? How can our readers follow you and ILOVEHANDLES?

We have all of the social media accounts, but we are not very proactive on it. @ilvhndls


ILOVEHANDLES Boring Bag - Minimalist Messenger Bag

Where can our readers see and buy your designs?

ilovehandles.com, walrustoys.com, portlandlaser.co

What are your future plans for ILOVEHANDLES?

Ooh, you’ll have to wait to see for yourself on that one. No spoilers.

Anything you would like to add that I haven’t asked?

I can’t think of anything. Thanks for the interview.

Thank you Richard.

For more information, please visit website of ILOVEHANDLES

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