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Ultramarine Launches Its New Morse Watch Model

Ultramarine, a high-class French watch brand entirely manufactured in Switzerland, is launching its first "Morse" model through online subscription.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Ultramarine - The Morse in its original box

Ultramarine - The Morse in its original box


Source : Ultramarine Watches

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Out of the 300 numbered pieces issued to the world, the first 100 are immediately available through subscription only on Ultramarine's website, at a preferential price.

With a design inspired by famous navy chronometers, the Ultramarine Morse incorporates all the features of a high-quality watch: 100 percent Swiss manufactured, the strong Eterna Caliber 39 automatic GMT movement offering 65 hours of power reserve, a waterproof case up to 330 feet and a hand-sewn leather watchband.

The Ultramarine Morse achieves its founder and designer Lionel Bruneau's vision: "I wanted to make Swiss timekeepers that are truly pleasant to wear and to look at, in limited quantities but at a fair price."

What makes the Morse such a special watch and a great value for the money is its rarity: only 300 lucky people will own it. By cutting the distribution and marketing costs but, above all, by foregoing the industry's high margins, Ultramarine stands out for its exceptional but accessible products.

Features :

  • Entirely manufactured in Switzerland (in Neuchatel, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle and Grenchen)
  • Stainless steel 316L case
  • Eterna Caliber 3914A with 65h power reserve, date, GMT and small second
  • 40mm diameter, 12mm thickness, 47mm lugs to lugs
  • Hand-sewn leather strap
  • 330 feet water resistance

The first 100 Morse watches are priced at 1,300 € (approx. $1,500) with a 10 percent deposit, only through the Ultramarine website: https://www.ultramarine-watches.com/morse. The next 200 pieces will be available at 1,600 € (approx. $1,900). The Morse watches are scheduled to ship early 2019.

Ultramarine will donate 10 percent of its profit to Non-Governmental Organizations committed to the conservation and protection of marine life.

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