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Interview with Mauro Caviezel, Three-time Swiss National Champion Professional Alpine Skier

Mauro Caviezel made a very good start to the FIS World Cup season and made 3 podium celebrations in 7 days. I had the opportunity to talk with Mauro Caviezel at the beginning of the season and asked him his opinions about the importance of sponsorship in winter sports.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mauro Caviezel

Mauro Caviezel


by Meryem Aksoy

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In 1988, Mauro Caviezel was born in Tumegl/Tomils, Switzerland. He has started skiing when he was only one and a half year old. Although he suffered severe injuries four times in his career, he managed to make successful returns. He participated in the Olympics two-times, won a bronze medal at the World Championships, and landed on the podium four times in FIS World Cup races, and his performance at the beginning of the season is an indication that this number may increase. And I had the opportunity to talk with Mauro Caviezel in order to learn about his career and his opinions about the importance of individual sponsorship in winter sports.

Mauro, you have been skiing since you were one and a half years old. How did you start skiing? Who or what encouraged you?

My parents and my ski club encouraged me to pursue a skiing career.

I would like to learn more about your life, could you tell us about yourself?

I grew up with two sisters and a brother in a small village with 200 people in the Grisons (Eastern) part of Switzerland. From 16-20 years of age, I made an apprenticeship as a commercial clerk and worked in an insurance company. My hobbies are soccer, mountain biking, gymnastics, and music. My favorite cuisines are homemade dishes from Switzerland as well as the Italian cuisine.

Mauro Caviezel

Mauro Caviezel

When did you decide to be a professional skier? Could you tell us about your skiing career?

This happened gradually - with 16 years of age, I had to decide to follow a soccer or a skiing career.

What is your favorite discipline? How could you define your style?

Super-G and Downhill. My style I would define as ‘offensive with a lot of feeling’ ...

Mauro Caviezel

Mauro Caviezel

You have participated in the Olympic Games and a lot of national and international championships, and you have won medals throughout your career. Could you tell us about your achievements?

In the World Championship 2017 I won the bronze medal in the Alpine Combined discipline and so far I had two podium places in the World Cup.

Many of the athletes live very serious problems after coming back from injuries. How did you manage your serious injury periods and returned better? What was your motivation?

My motivation was not to lose the focus and my enthusiasm for skiing as well as an optimal environment helped me not to give up.

Mauro, what does skiing means for you?

Skiing is to me: emotions, strength, technique and the fact that it is an outdoor sport

What are the basic problems that skiers have been living during their skiing career?

The high risk of injuries, flexibility is required regarding weather conditions, travelling etc.

How could skiers solve these problems? What is the permanent solution?

Being flexible.

What is the best way to attract sponsors' attention?

Good results.

What contributions do sponsor brands provide skiers?

Skiing material and of course the service support and a permanent development of the material.

What do sponsors expect and demand from skiers?

Good results, loyalty to the sponsors.

Mauro Caviezel

Mauro Caviezel

Could you tell us about your sponsors? What are the brands that you collaborate with?

Atomic, Ochsner Sport, Leki, BWT, Swissflex, Lindberg.

How many different platforms do you represent your sponsors throughout the year?

Facebook, Instagram, Homepage, articles in magazines and interviews on TV stations.

What are you paying attention to when a new brand contacted you about sponsorship? What are your expectations from your sponsors?

I have to be able to identify myself with the sponsor’s activities.

Mauro Caviezel

Mauro Caviezel - Courtesy of Atomic

What are the main factors that affect the beginning and continuity of successful sponsorship collaboration?

Main factors are the identification and to have a true partnership.

Do you have any advice for skiers who want to pursue a professional career?

The joy of the skiing sport.

What do you think about social media? How did it affect the popularity of skiing?

Cannot be excluded today, but it holds also dangers, especially with the likes.

How can our readers follow you?

Over Instagram @maurocaviezel

What is next for you?

The races in Val Garden / Gröden (Downhill and Super-G), this coming weekend

Thank you Mauro for this enjoyable interview.

For more information, please visit the website of Mauro Caviezel