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Interview with Jean-Baptiste Gaveau, Co-Founder of BILLYBELT

Quentin & Jean-Baptiste Gaveau were inspired by street style, and they established BILLYBELT in 2012, to make a difference in everyday wear by designing colorful braided belts. I talked with Jean-Baptiste Gaveau about BILLYBELT.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Quentin Gaveau and Jean-Baptiste Gaveau

Quentin Gaveau and Jean-Baptiste Gaveau


by Mehmet Kaplan

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Success is hidden in the details, and the secret of style is the choice of accessories. Accurately selected accessories can take your style to the next level. Quentin & Jean-Baptiste Gaveau brothers followed their passion for fashion. The first step was to design and produce colorful braided belts. And now, they produce many different colorful accessories and offer them to their customers. I talked with Jean-Baptiste Gaveau, Co-Founder of BILLYBELT, to learn more about BILLYBELT that started with the design of the colorful braided belt.

Jean-Baptiste, before talking about BILLYBELT, could you tell us about yourself and Quentin?

We are two brothers that share the passion for fashion. We each have an educational background in business school and two years after graduation, we decided to work together and create a fashion business.



How did you decide to create BILLYBELT collection? What inspired you?

We decided to create the BILLYBELT collection when we realised that the braided belt could be a fashion statement with new colors and materials. Our inspiration comes from what we see the street style of cities all around the world.

Could you tell us about BILLYBELT?

BILLYBELT is a fashion brand that makes quality accessories with colorful details.

How would you describe BILLYBELT design and manufacturing philosophy?

Our philosophy is to create quality products at affordable prices so that everyone can wear colorful and elegant accessories. We always work on little details that make our products unique.



What kind of colored accessories do you offer to your customers?

We started with the braided belts in 2012, now we also make socks, bags, underwears, neckties, bows, wallets, and braided watch strap.

What are the common features of your products?

The common feature is that all of our products are classic essentials, but we bring an original twist with quality materials like leather and always a touch of color.

What kind of materials do you prefer to use in your products?

We like to use cowhide leather, organic cotton, and waxed cotton.

How often do you add new products to your collections?

We launch a new collection for our products range each year in September.



What features of BILLYBELT accessories makes it different from competitors?

We make it a point of honor to create products well thought out and therefore pleasant to wear. Quality is for us an essential aspect of our business and that's why we make a point of choosing the best materials.

What do you enjoy most about using BILLYBELT products in your daily life?

In our daily life, the BILLYBELT products are very comfortable to wear. The braided belts are stretch and they spark joy with their unique color.



Social media platforms are new podiums for fashion brands. What do you think about the power of social media on buyers' decisions?

The social media has huge power in bringing inspiration to people. They can spot a nice style and decide to try it on themselves.

How can our readers follow BILLYBELT and your collections?

On Instagram account @billybelt.accessories: https://www.instagram.com/billybelt.accessories/

On our facebook page Billybelt : https://www.facebook.com/billybeltaccessories/

Where can our readers buy BILLYBELT products?

All our range of product is on our e-shop at: https://billybelt.com/en/

What is next for you?

We are currently working on new products ideas to be launch for the next collection, so stay tuned!

Thank you Jean-Baptiste for your time.

For more information, please click here to visit the website of BILLYBELT

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