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Interview with Ken Zhong, Co-Founder of RovyVon

Our childhood activities and experiences play an important role in determining the flow of our lives. Ken Zhong was inspired by his childhood experiences and decided to develop survival solutions for everyday use. I talked with Ken Zhong about RovyVon.

Friday, January 25, 2019

RovyVon Commander

RovyVon Commander


by Mehmet Kaplan

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Whether you're camping in the mountain or watching TV at home, you never know when to face a problem. A flashlight can save your life at a time when you are in the dark, or a very small metal bar can give you a chance to escape from a place where you are stuck. Ken Zhong is working to provide solutions that can help you in an outdoor camp or city life. I talked to Ken Zhong, co-founder of RovyVon, about his career and the survival solutions.

Ken Zhong

Ken Zhong

Ken, when did your interest in survival solutions has begun? What inspired you?

I grew up in a mountain area and when I was a child we had to go to the jungle to get firewood every day for cooking (yeah, we cooked meals with firewood early 90’s of twenty century) and heating in the winter. Maybe the childhood experience inspired me and planted the seed of the interest in survival solutions in my mind.

When did you decide to establish RovyVon? Could you tell us about RovyVon?

I joined RovyVon at the middle 2018, Mr. Chen established RovyVon at later 2017 when he left the last company he worked for. The purpose we established RovyVon is to offering people some quality and relatively innovative LED flashlights, EDC gears and small tools trying our efforts to make the daily life easier and simpler in some way.

RovyVon Aurora

RovyVon Aurora

What kind of innovative outdoor living and survival solutions do did you design? Could you tell us about your products?

Currently, we only have a few lines of products available like Aurora line and E300S line (flashlights), among these flashlights they are easy-carry and lightweight, above these, their high output for their size and unique design, I think, are the most reasons people like them(but we have to admit that we may sacrifice runtime in some ways).

In the future, we will release more products for outdoor living, urban EDC, and survivals.

You have to use resistant and tough materials. What kind of materials do you prefer to use?

Personally, I like titanium and copper most. We are trying to use different materials to make different and diversified products, like titanium Damascus we will release one product which is made of titanium Damascus soon. Another example, as I know, before the Aurora A5, the major flashlight players did not make flashlights this small with a material glowing in the dark.

Could you tell us about the distinctive features of your products? How can they save its users? In which conditions they are useful?

Our products actually are not that distinctive and unique but we are just listening to the feedback from our users and customers, we believe that this will lead us to make products people will love.

Do you use your own designs in your daily life? What do you enjoy most about using RovyVon products? Which one is your favorite?

Sure, I use the Aurora A6 keychain flashlight and Valor V10 utility knife everyday. The light makes me feel safe and calm when walking at night especially when I need light to find something in the dark area, and the knife helps me open the mail boxes quickly so that I don’t need to tear the tapes to open the box, it is a keychain as well.

RovyVon Angel Eyes E300S

RovyVon Angel Eyes E300S

How often do you add a new product to your collection? Do you have any new designs on the drawing table? What should we wait?

Hmmm, in our schedule, we are planning to add a new product one and half a month to two months. And for sure, we have 2 products under drawing now, a small yet bright EDC flashlight and a super bright searching flashlight. We are expected to release them in the middle of 2019.

Social media has become an integral part of our life. What do you think about the power of social media? How can our readers follow RovyVon?

Social media like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook is a powerful platform to expand brand awareness and interact with our users which helps us improve our products and services. We are warmly welcome you guys to social with RovyVon.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rovyvongear

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RovyVonGear

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rovyvon.ig/

How can our readers buy RovyVon products?

Readers can buy RovyVon products from our dealers (we are working on developing local dealers as many as possible), Amazon, eBay, or directly from our website.

What is next for you?

All we can achieve and how far we could go is the support from our users and customers, so the next for us is bringing out more great products and better service to our users and customers.

Thank you Ken for your time.

For more information, please click here to visit the website of RovyVon

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