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Interview with Noa Tam, Founder of Noa Tam Coin Jewelry

Throughout history, coins have been a part of daily life and are made of many metals such as gold, silver, copper, and nickel. It is also possible to use many different metals to design jewelry too. And even a coin can be the main theme of a jewel. I talked to Noa Tam about Noa Tam Coin Jewelry.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Noa Tam

Noa Tam - Photo Credit Ilan Besor


by Mehmet Kaplan

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Jewelry design is to combine a simple piece of metal with the designer's vision and turn it into a work of art as beautiful as people want to use. To accomplish this, it is not always necessary to have diamonds or rubies processed on precious metals such as gold or platinum. It is possible to obtain beautiful designs with metals which are not considered valuable. The precious thing at this stage is the ability of the jewelry designer and the difference that can be revealed. Noa Tam has a design approach that aims to create the difference by using coins and reflecting the meanings they contain into their designs. I talked to Noa Tam, Founder of Noa Tam Coin Jewelry, about her life and the story of Noa Tam Coin Jewelry.

Noa Tam, Founder of Noa Tam Coin Jewelry

Noa Tam, Founder of Noa Tam Coin Jewelry - Photo Credit Ilan Besor

Noa, before talking about your designs, could you tell us about yourself? Who is Noa Tam?

I was born in Israel in a famous town from biblical times, called Ashkelon.

I grew up and was raised in 4 different places in Israel, that each has a totally different point of view: a kibutz, a moshav, a small town in the desert and a big town by the Mediterranean Sea.

Living in different places in Israel with my family made a big impact on my life and made it easy for me to discover new places in the world in later years.

I served 2 years in the Israeli army as a fighter.

After I finished, I got the travel bug, and now, many years later, I still have it!

I have always been curious about different cultures and nature. I would say that I’m mostly self-taught. I create my own "university", in the school of life.

When I decided that I wanted to create coin jewelry I took myself to India to find factories. I found them in Jaipur and so I did that same thing in Mexico and found them in Taxco.

This was my beginning. I love to learn along the way.

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry - Photo Credit Haya Gold

How did you come up with the idea of using coins in your jewelry designs? What inspired you?

I decided to have a strong purpose in my life I was looking for something that would combine three things: people, travel, and beauty.

So I made a wish list of all the things that I wanted to feel with that and one day I woke up with a strong feeling that I had to do something with coins. The same day I went to a friend's house with a box full of coins from my travels and we created a few bracelets from the US penny.

It was amazing. That was the beginning. All my world became coins and symbols.

Coins inspire me in so many ways: the different metals they are made out of, the symbols and the stories behind them, the mysterious energy they carry with and Then, of course, there is the third side of the coin. Many people don't know that this outer rim is also very special and varies from coin to coin. For me, the inspiration is endless!

Could you tell us about Noa Tam Coin Jewelry?

Noa Tam coin jewelry is the basis of all my art. At first, I only created coin jewelry, then later I added all the zodiac signs and different symbols and I play with all of them, and mix and match. Now I've added Judaica to my art. I’m Jewish, so making a Mezuzah case with coins was necessary :) I also make Shabbat candle holders with symbols, plaques with blessings for the home, and many more to come.

I would be more than happy to create meaningful wall art for all different religions and cultures.

Noa Tam coin jewelry has a different way of thinking. My art is inspired by the whole world and it’s like a radio frequency. The art can change the energy of the person who is connected to the piece and can help them open their mind to manifest their wishes.

Many countries using similar symbols in different ways. For example, you can see a lion on so many coins in different ways- on Israeli coins, Ethiopian coins, Iranian coins, Indian coins and many more.

You can see the French walking Marrianne resembles the American walking Liberty. Coins and symbols bring with them so many meanings. I want to believe that Noa Tam coin jewelry, my art, will show how fascinating coins and symbols are, and how easy it is for them to show the strong connection between all of us.

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry - Photo Credit Haya Gold

How would you describe Noa Tam Coin Jewelry design and manufacturing philosophy?

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry is art with a belief that by coins and symbols with stories can change our own perspective of our reality and our life.

When we see a symbol that reminds us of something that we want or need, we shorten the path to bring our desires into our world.

My art serves as a reminder of the things that we are striving for, it can help to bring the right vibration to a person who is open to that.

I'm not sure if I really have a manufacturing philosophy. I just want to make beautiful, meaningful things and to use real coins from around the world. My rings are always made with sterling silver or gold and that is very important to me.

What kind of coins do you use in your production? How do you supply different coins from different countries?

I use coins from all over the world. I find them in so many ways...markets around the world, people's collections, coin stores and of course, online stores.

Could you tell us about your collection? What type of jewelry do you design and produce? Could you briefly tell us about your products?

I make many different kinds of jewelry from coins. Most of them are statement pieces. My coin rings are very popular, they are large, unique, and some of them combine more than one coin to create a special vibration. I have a line of necklaces and pendants with more simple, straightforward coin styles and also some that are more complex, combining multiple coins, and sometimes including a special design that reflects the coin symbolism. I make bracelets and cufflinks as well. Whenever possible I try to give the jewelry a name that reflects the symbol (such as "abundance" for the pomegranate or "harmony" for the harp.) This helps the wearer to connect to that positive energy and think deeply about the meaning.

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry - Photo Credit Haya Gold

One example of how I combined coins in this way, is a pendant that Is from the "Light Collection." On one side is the symbol of light, and when you swipe to see the other side there is a symbol of a hand with a V for victory... each person interprets the symbols a little differently when they try to make the connections between the two symbols. That's why my jewelry is personal and powerful for the wearer.

One person might interpret it this way: Whatever ideas we have in our minds, we are like winners when we light them up and give them a try.

The next person might think something more like this: It doesn't matter if we fail or succeed, the most important thing is to give our ideas a chance to shine before it's too late!

What are the common features of your products?

Coins and medallions, symbolism, and many of my favorite coin designs come with a little poem, too.

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry - Photo Credit Haya Gold

Besides coins, what kind of materials do you prefer to use in your products?

For the jewelry: Sterling silver and Gold. For the Judaica, more pewter.

How often do you add a piece of new jewelry to your collections?

That's a hard question because I also sell one of a kind jewelry online. Every year is a different year, I never stop creating new ideas, adding to my collections and to my one of a kind selections as well.

What do you enjoy most about using your own designs in your daily life?

First of all, wearing them, using the deeper meanings to connect with them and also giving other people the joy of having them, sometimes all in the same breath. :)

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry

Noa Tam Coin Jewelry - Photo Credit Haya Gold

Social media platforms are new catwalk podiums for fashion brands. What do you think about the power of social media on buyers' decisions?

The power of social media on the buyer is amazing. When you find a way to create an emotion between the buyer and the product, between the buyer and you, it’s halfway to making a sale. I feel blessed to live in this generation where it’s so easy to be in touch with so many people, all around the world, and to make intimate sales online. I love it.

How can our readers follow Noa Tam?

@noatamcoinjewelry is how you can find me on Instagram. And my Facebook page is also Noa Tam Coin Jewelry.

I have a blog as well, on my online store. Noatam.com

How can our readers buy Noa Tam coin jewelry?

My website, Noatam.com is the best way. I also have stores on Etsy and Amazon. And there are a few online stores that carry me on EBay.

You can get %25 discount on Noatam.com by using coupon code: BELIEVEIT

What is next for you?

Next for me is to collaborate with a unique artist from Riga Latvia. Together we will create a painting that is connected to my art.

My goal is to have an exhibition in Jaffa, Israel in the summer of 2019.

Thank you Noa for your time.

For more information, please click here to visit the website of Noa Tam Coin Jewelry