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Interview with Jeremy Rider, National Sales Manager of Showers Pass

Whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete, you experience many different weather conditions throughout the year. None of us want to get wet on a rainy day, so we prefer waterproof products and Showers Pass is a brand that producing waterproof rain gear. I talked with Jeremy Rider about Showers Pass and products.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Jeremy Rider

Jeremy Rider


by Mehmet Kaplan

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When we go running on a rainy day, we don't want to get wet and we want to keep our phone and ID dry. The best way to be sure of this is to use waterproof equipment and clothes. But using waterproof gear doesn't mean it meets all our needs. Showers Pass produces waterproof / breathable rain gears and designs it not only for a specific sports discipline but also for multiple areas. This is the most important goal of Showers Pass, to produce products with design and functionality that you can use when you are running, cycling, camping or even in your daily life. I talked with Jeremy Rider, National Sales Manager of Showers Pass, about waterproof / breathable rain gear.

Jeremy, before talking about Showers Pass, could you tell us about yourself?

Over 20 years of experience in the lifestyle/outdoor retail industry with a focus in sales & marketing and growing brands awareness with consumers.

Crosspoint Lightweight Waterproof Socks

Crosspoint Lightweight Waterproof Socks

How did a team of outdoor enthusiasts come up with the idea of designing weatherproof clothing and gear? What inspired them?

Our inspiration comes for a love of the outdoors and producing waterproof/breathable gear that offers a lot of "bang for the buck" while also offering versatility for everyday life. Whether you are a bike commuter, hiker, skier, outdoor enthusiast or just looking for a jacket to keep you dry while going out to dinner - we have you covered.

Could you tell us about Showers Pass and your team?

A small team based in Portland, Oregon who was founded in the cycling industry. While our DNA is rooted in cycling our growth and acceptance in the outdoor community has been tremendous over the last 3 years. Outside of the Portland HQ, we have offices in the UK and Germany.

Women s Crosspoint Flip Mitt

Women's Crosspoint Flip Mitt

What have you paid attention to the most in the design and development process of Showers Pass products?

Versatility in today's market. Our consumers have shown that they are looking for a product that not only performs at the highest level, but gives them a one quiver option. If you are going to spend a couple hundred bucks for a rain jacket you want to be able to use that jacket for more than one discipline.

Could you tell us about the features of Showers Pass products?

We are known for making waterproof/breathable rain gear but also make a line of products that are made for mountain biking and everyday lifestyle using refined materials such as Merino Wool and Bamboo. All of our features are a little different, based on the gear we are talking about.

Mt Hood Patrol

Mt Hood Patrol

What are the advantages of using Showers Pass products? What can they change in their user's training routine?

As in pertains to our waterproof/breathable socks - Who likes wet, cold feet? Well, let me know when you find someone. We provide a superior solution for a common problem. No matter what outdoor activity you do having dry feet in the elements is key and we do it better than anyone in the marketplace. We have people of all walks of life using our socks; Cyclist, Hikers, Runners, Fisherman, Hunters, First Responders, and even some professional sports teams.

How many different kinds of waterproof products do you offer?

We offer an array; Jackets, Pants, Accessories (Gloves, Socks, Etc.)

Flip-Mitt Boot

Flip-Mitt Boot

What is the most important feature of your designs that makes Showers Pass different from the competitors in the market?

All of our gear is produced using some of the finest materials that are currently available on the market, which produces a truly unique feel. We are known for how refined our finished product is and how it's stand out against the competition.

How often do you add a new product or a style to your collection?

We offer new products or colors to exciting products a couple times of the year just based on need or demand. We aren't as seasonal as a most in the industry. We truly believe in spending the time creating a great product from concept to finished designed that lives in the line for a longer period of time, not just seasonally.

What do you enjoy most about wearing or using Showers Pass products in your daily life?

The fact that our gear while has a technology backstory is really comfortable for use in everyday life.

Men s Track Pant

Men's Track Pant

Social media platforms are new showcases for innovative brands. What do you think about the power of social media on buyers' decisions?

It's huge for us as a small brand and has had a lot of growth because of it. We don't pay brand influencers like some people do but really have a loyal following of passionate customers. Some of our most popular stories on social media have come from our customer base telling the story of their love of showers pass on their own time. We recently had a couple fans put together a YouTube video of our showers pass waterproof/breathable socks with some stock footage and images we provided them along with their own created content and it went viral through all the big news feeds. Currently has over 13 Million Views - https://www.facebook.com/yahoo/videos/997503247072123/

How can our readers follow Showers Pass?

The best way is through our website at www.showerspass.com and sign up for our newsletter where you will receive a discount on your first order. You can also follow us on social media platforms of; Facebook (@showerspass), Instagram (@showerspass), Twitter (@showerspass) and LinkedIn.

Refuge Ski

Refuge Ski

Where can our readers buy Showers Pass products?

You can buy directly from us at www.showerspass.com or from major retails such as REI, Backcountry.com, Moosejaw & MEC.

What is next for you?

We just had a successful release of our first ever Winter Sports Mitten called the Flip-Mitt at Outdoor Retailers Snow Show in Denver, Colorado. The mitten is truly unique to anything else in the marketplace because it is sealed with a magnetic gasket closure system. This allows quick access to your fingertips for using your phone, taking a photo, zipping your jacket or digging in your backpack. It's synthetic insulation and merino wool liner keep your hands toasty and dry.

Thank you Jeremy for your time.

For more information, please click here to visit the website of Showers Pass