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Interview with Mindy Solomon, Owner and Director of Mindy Solomon Gallery from Miami

Art galleries have a significant role in the access of art to wider audiences and the meeting of artists with art lovers. They can also be described as the meeting point of the art community. I talked with Mindy Solomon about Mindy Solomon Gallery and art.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Mindy Solomon

Mindy Solomon - Photo by Matthew Serna Zapata


by Beren Dere

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Artists, art galleries and art lovers, each one is an integral part of the art community. Oil paintings, photographs, sculptures or many different artworks can be seen and felt closely during the time they are exhibited in art galleries. Each gallery carefully selects the artists they will work with and the artworks they will exhibit. Mindy Solomon established her own art gallery in 2009. She prefers to work with contemporary emerging and mid-career artists. I talked with Mindy Solomon, Owner and Director of Mindy Solomon Gallery, to learn more about her own gallery, art, and the Miami Art Market.

Mindy, before talking about the Mindy Solomon Gallery, I would like to learn more about you. When did you first become interested in art? What inspired you?

I love art, making art, visiting galleries and museums, even as a young child. I was fortunate to travel extensively overseas at a young age which opened my eyes to the magic of history and ultimately art history.

Could you tell us about your educational background, which is the foundation of your successful career?

I was always a creative child, making art and later studying art education in college. I also received an MA in Art and later did course work for a graduate degree in Art Therapy.

How did you decide to establish the Mindy Solomon Gallery?

I had been collecting a lot of art, and my desire to curate got the best of me. I wanted to tell my own visual stories.

Mindy Solomon Gallery

David Kicks - Mindy Solomon Gallery - Photo by Zach Balber Photography

Could you tell us about the Mindy Solomon Gallery and the overall concept?

Mindy Solomon Gallery specializes in contemporary emerging and mid-career artists and art advisory services. The gallery represents artists working in painting, sculpture, photography, and video in both narrative and non-objective styles. The gallery program explores the intersection of art and design through an ongoing dialog between two and three-dimensional objects. Utilizing the gallery space as a platform for inventive exhibitions, museum visitations, and public lectures, the programming at the gallery invites a sense of community and aesthetic enrichment.

What type of artworks can we see in the Mindy Solomon Gallery throughout the year?

I show a variety of media- contemporary ceramics, painting, photography, textile, and video.

How do you decide to host a new exhibition or give a place to a new artwork in Mindy Solomon Gallery? What are you paying attention to the most while deciding for the next one?

I am looking for work that is first and foremost unique, well crafted and plays well with the overall all feel of the gallery. I look at each decision I make as building upon previous artistic choices.

Mindy Solomon Gallery

Taste My Braindrops - Mindy Solomon Gallery - Photo by Zach Balber Photography

What are the common features of the artists that you prefer to work with?

Talent, honesty, integrity, commitment.

Could you tell us about current exhibitions? Who are the artists and what are their concepts?

My current exhibition is a solo show of the work of Dominique Labauvie entitled, Urban Beings. The show includes minimalist forged steel sculptures and works on paper.

What do you think about the importance of working with local and young talents?

I think it is important to have a sense of what is going on locally and be engaged and supportive.

What are the advantages of being in Miami?

Great weather! Also, being part of artistic evolution in a young city.

Mindy Solomon Gallery

Mindy Solomon Gallery - Photo by Zach Balber Photography

Could you tell us about the art market in Miami? What are the main features that affect clients decisions?

I think the market is growing here - being that so many people have second residences a lot of decisions are inspired by the space and the climate. For full-time residents I think getting more actively engaged in the museums helps to educate them about the art world and what moves them.

What do you think about the future of the art market in this digital era?

I think that the future of art viewing and acquisition will be more digital than any other method - including going to galleries and art fairs.

What type of services do you offer for local and international buyers?

We offer consultation, installation and delivery services.

How can our readers follow the upcoming exhibitions and events?

By following the gallery on Instagram at @mindysolomongallery or signing up on our website at mindysolomon.com

What is next for you?

Our current exhibition, Urban Beings, is on view until February 23, 2019. I will also be participating in VOLTA New York during Armory Week at the beginning of March with a solo exhibition featuring Glenn Barkley.

Thank you Mindy for your time.

For more information, please click here to visit the website of Mindy Solomon Gallery