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Fashion / Andezia Padauk Business Card Case
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Padauk Business Card Case
Men Accessories

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280.00 USD


Contemporary, modern and stylish. This Business Card Case is designed to elegantly hold your business cards or credit cards. Crafted by hand in Turkey from the finest selection of woods, this impressive piece offers both an unusual modern flair and a timelessly vintage feel that will last you a lifetime.

  • Wood is a durable material.
  • Fully Hand-Finished.
  • Coating with %100 vegetable-based oil to reveal nature of wood.
  • Wood pattern will be similar but not exactly the same due to nature of wood, each piece is unique.
  • Slim profile.
  • Perfect gift box for your gifts.
  • Length : 97 mm (3.82 inch), Width : 65 mm (2.56 inch), Thickness : 12 mm (0.47 inch)
  • Inner Dimensions ; 93 mm (3.66 inch), 56 mm (2.20 inch), 5 mm (0.20 inch)
  • Card holder can hold 4-5 credit cards or 12-18 business cards depending on thickness of paper.