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Fashion / Andezia American Walnut Key Ring
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American Walnut Key Ring
Men Accessories

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75.00 USD


Andezia has designed a men accessories collection that stands to its tradition of excellence and unique flair for fine objects. These delicately crafted key ring act as precious adornments, offering an ever-present touch of elegance.

  • Leather part of ring is made from Lambskin with %100 Hand Stitched.
  • Wood is a durable material.
  • Fully Hand-Finished.
  • Coating with %100 vegetable-based oil to reveal nature of wood.
  • Wood pattern will be similar but not exactly the same due to nature of wood, each piece is unique.
  • Slim profile.
  • Perfect gift box for your gifts.
  • Length : 60 mm (2.4 inch), Width : 30 mm (2.2 inch) (Dimension of wood)