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Solar Energy

The existence of the sun gives life to the earth, and human beings have been using the sun and its heat in different ways for thousands of years. Now we convert its power to electricity. Let's take a look at top solar panel manufacturers that make this possible.
by Nil Tarhan
Arctech Solar, one of the leading solar tracking and racking system manufacturer, announced the first independent single-axis tracking system for the PV industry.
by Mehmet Kaplan
There are new developments in green energy every day. The Community Solar Project concept is one of them. It provides access to solar energy to residents and businesses that do not have own property or proper roof to install a solar panel.
by Mehmet Kaplan
Audi Hungaria plant in Gyor, which will host Europe's largest solar photovoltaic system installed on a building, currently provides 70% of its heat requirements from geothermal sources.
by Taner Korkmaz
Built on 40 hectares in Szazhalombatta, near Budapest, partially on the site of the Dunamenti Power Plant, the Park will produce enough electricity to supply approximately 9,000 households.
Source : GCL-SI
The solar panels will supply 15 percent of the annual electric use of the cheese making plant.
Source : Emmi Roth
Solar Decathlon (SD) is an international collegiate competition that challenges student teams to design and build full-size, solar-powered houses.
Source : Dezhou Municipal Government
Incorporating electric technology into its innovative solar oven design, GoSun looks to transcend the boundaries of solar cooking with a new hybrid, portable oven that allows you to cook wherever you may be, with or without access to sunlight
Source : GoSun
State of the art 'Sand to Power' manufacturing facility for the production of next generation plastic free solar panels
Source : Solargise Canada Inc.
It consists of 4 single sub-projects with 1850kwh/kwp annual yield that have an estimated energy production of 92,900 MWh per year.
Source : GCL-SI
I talked to Texenergy Founder and CEO Jerry Ranger about Texenergy products, development processes, and renewable energy. Here is an interview we made about mobile power generators and renewable energy.
by Mehmet Kaplan
Solar system installed at Honda campus in Torrance, Calif. expected to generate about 3,000 megawatt hours (MWh) annually to offset 30% of purchased electricity
Source : Honda
Utility-Scale Solar Farm Investments are a sound choice because they provide both investment diversification and reliable income.
Source : Innovative Solar Systems, LLC
Silicon Ranch a solar pioneer in the Southeast and a leading provider of solar to co-ops, Green Power EMC's solar programs first in the nation among co-ops.
Source : Silicon Ranch Corporation
The State UKRGASBANK and TIU Canada, the first Canadian investor to construct solar projects in Ukraine since 2010, have begun cooperation in increasing the capacity of renewable energy sources.
Source : TIU Canada
Located in Cuyahoga County, the 4 MW project is owned and operated by IGS Solar, a commercial and residential solar provider and an affiliate company of IGS Energy, one of the largest independent retail energy suppliers in US.
Source : Conti Solar
Stanley Black & Decker announced that long-term environmental sustainable targets were approved by CDP, WRI and WWF.
Source : Stanley Black & Decker
New product represents major step forward in the global mobile energy industry
Source : Hanergy
Company's new solar-embedded roof tile once again sets the standard for energy efficient buildings
Source : Hanergy Holding Group Ltd.
Pennsylvania-based company, Chomko LA, has released a new line of energy-efficient, solar-powered Street Clocks that are both beautiful and practical for any street-side.
Source : Chomko LA
ISS and DEPCOM Power Sponsor 4GW Solar Farm Sales Event on April 24th in Asheville, NC
Source : Innovative Solar Systems, LLC
The Company will have a brand presence at Green Energy Expo Korea and the Solar Show Vietnam in early April.
Source : Sungrow
Located in the area around Mariental, installed capacity will be 45.5 MWp for an output of 37 MWac and the plant will be one of the most efficient in the world, due to the zone's very high radiation levels.
Source : ALTEN Africa
The Covington solar plant is anticipated to generate enough electricity to serve the needs of over 1,000 average Oklahoma homes, based on estimates provided by the Solar Energy Industries Association.
Source : SunPower Corp.
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