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About Bontena Brand Network


Bontena Brand Network is a structure established to enable brand owners to consolidate their strengths in one spot and to create new business potentials from different sectors.

Bontena was originally designed as a meeting point and has become a platform where both the brand owners and the people and organizations with the potential to be interested in this brand can come together.

The Bontena platform was established as a structure in which only the members' advertisements are broadcast and the promotion of their products is allowed, so that all the commercial power generated is distributed among the members only. Thanks to this new platform type, members who have combined their strengths have been able to reach much higher potentials.

Bontena has become a site aiming to increase the brand awareness of its members from different channels, allowing not only the promotion of products but also the news of its members 'brands and press bulletins and other users' access.

The Bontena Brand Network is aimed at growing up with new members and delivering members to brand new business potentials.