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Top Italian Furniture Brands

Top Italian furniture brands are also among the top furniture brands in the world. Italian furniture brands have been leading the industry with their hundreds of years of design and manufacturing traditions.

Monday, May 18, 2020
Top Italian Furniture Brands

Top Italian Furniture Brands


by Mehmet Kaplan

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The furniture industry has an essential place in Italy. There are many world-renowned Italian brands in every field of the industry. From furniture manufacturing machines to finishing products, it is possible to find the highest-quality Italian brands in every aspect of the furniture industry. As in the fashion and automotive industries, lots of the best furniture brands in the world are Italian-based brands.

The use of high-quality raw materials, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, good design, state-of-the-art machinery, and knowledge and tradition are the prerequisites for producing high-quality products. The competition between top furniture brands leads to innovations in the furniture industry. So only the brands that follow trends and produce high-end furniture can be among the top furniture brands.

The most important factor in the fact that many high-quality furniture brands are based in Italy is that there are many Italian brands that produce quality products in all fields of the furniture industry. Italian brands, which have a culture of combining quality and aesthetics in their products, provide great advantages both for themselves and for other manufacturers using the materials they produce. We can describe each successful Italian furniture brand as a result of the common quality awareness of Italian brands.

In our homes, our furniture reflects our style. When we decide to renew our home decoration, we look at the models of many furniture brands to choose the best that fits our lifestyle. If you want to find aesthetics and quality together, Italian furniture brands can be the right choice for you. We have collected some of the top Italian furniture brands and listed them for you. We wish you to find the best furniture that reflects your style.

Top Italian Furniture Brands

Top Italian Furniture Brands - Natuzzi
Top Italian Furniture Brands - Natuzzi
About Natuzzi
Pasquale Natuzzi, the son of a cabinet maker, founded his first atelier in Taranto, Puglia at the age of 19 and took his first step into the furniture industry by producing fully handmade sofas. Pasquale Natuzzi, which was acclaimed for his handmade furniture, moved his business to Matera in 1962. In 1967 Pasquale Natuzzi started to produce furniture on an industrial level. On his way to becoming one of the top Italian furniture brands, Pasquale founded Natuzzi Salotti in 1972, but the entire factory burned down after an unfortunate fire. Pasquale Natuzzi moved its production facility to Santeramo in Colle, Bari, where Natuzzi still has its headquarters.
Moving to the new production facility, Natuzzi expanded both its team and product range, and its reputation began to spread. It is started to considered one of the top Italian furniture brands. Pasquale Natuzzi predicted that Natuzzi could gain a significant market share in the US market with leather sofas. In 1985 he expanded the brand to the other shore of the ocean and founded Natuzzi Upholstery Inc. in New York. This made the brand a leading Italian brand in the global market.
Natuzzi's recognition in America has increased over the years, and the brand has achieved great success. In May 1993 Natuzzi was listed on Wall Street. The success brought greater structural changes, and Natuzzi moved to the US Headquarters, designed by renowned Italian architect Mario Bellini and built-in High Point, North Carolina.
Natuzzi, one of the top Italian furniture brands, began to focus more on global expansion after completing its structuring in the United States. During the 2000s, Natuzzi opened stores in New York, New Delhi, Dubai, London, Sao Paulo, and Sydney. In collaboration with internationally renowned designers, Natuzzi continued to expand furniture collections.
Natuzzi, which is accepted as one of the top Italian furniture brands, is distributed in many countries from Italy to Japan, from Australia to Brazil, with its stylish quality furniture.

B&B Italia
Top Italian Furniture Brands - B&B Italia
Top Italian Furniture Brands - B&B Italia
About B&B Italia
B&B Italia was founded in 1966 by Piero Ambrogio Busnelli and is currently managed by the Busnelli family. B&B Italia, one of the most recognized Italian furniture brands in the world, has a structure with two different divisions. B&B Italia Home Division offers residential products and forms the basis of the brand's global sales network. B&B Italia Contract Division, on the other hand, carries out project-based works and realizes commercial projects such as offices, hospitals, shops, and yachts.
B&B Italia, one of the top Italian furniture brands, has designed more than 1000 furniture since it was founded in 1966 and has produced a large part of it as part of its collections and presented it to its customers. The brand, which has won many national and international design awards for its designs, has won the Compass d'Oro (Golden Compass), the most prestigious Italian design award, four times.
The headquarters of B&B Italia also has a dazzling design. B&B Italia's headquarters in Novedrate, Italy was designed in 1972 by world-renowned architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers.
B&B Italia is aware of the fact that it is necessary to continuously develop new designs in order to be one of the top furniture brands and attaches great importance to research and development. With creative and innovative furniture inspired by the history of Italian design, B&B Italia's reputation has gone beyond the borders of the country and has spread all over the world. B&B Italia has become one of the most preferred furniture brands of consumers with its furniture designs that comply with the changing lifestyles.
B&B Italia, which continues its activities with two different brands in order to offer residential furniture in different styles and features, takes its place in the houses with Maxalto Collections' innovative designs.
B&B Italia meets consumers at elaborately selected points of sale in more than 80 countries around the world. In addition to these dealers, it exhibits its brand philosophy and products in wholly-owned B&B Italia flagship storages in the leading capitals of the world and is in direct communication with consumers. B&B Italia, one of the top Italian furniture brands, aims to spread the Italian design culture and lifestyle to the world.

Top Italian Furniture Brands - Casamilano
Top Italian Furniture Brands - Casamilano
About Casamilano
Anna, Carlo, and Elena Turati founded Casamilano in 1998 with the idea of continuing their family traditions. The brand was debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair in the same year. The Turati family's furniture tradition dates back to 1929. Grandfather Carlo and his son Giuseppe founded a small furniture company and produced furniture based on Italian furniture traditions.
In every decade, furniture styles were changing, and to keep up with it, Giuseppe founded the Tisettanta brand in the 1960s and collaborated with world-renowned architects such as Angelo Mangiarotti, Gae Aulenti, Vico Magistretti, Annig Sarian, Carlo Bartoli and Antonio Citterio.
Anna, the daughter of Giuseppe, was the creative director of Tisettanta. Anna, Carlo, and Elena believed that the brand should be renewed and founded Casamilano. Like their father, they have worked with some of the world's most renowned designers such as Massimiliano Raggi, Paola Navone, Roberto Lazzeroni, Marco Boga, Castello Lagravinese, Enrico Franzolini, and Laboratorio Avallone, and they have created contemporary designed collections.
Modern design furniture with bold colors and high-quality materials was highly acclaimed, and the brand soon took its place in the stores of more than 700 distinguished retailers worldwide.
The Casamilano collections consist of armchairs, sofas, small tables, chairs, cabinets, tables, lamps and mirrors, all made in Italy. One of the top Italian furniture brands, Casamilano aims to create unique furniture for contemporary homes by combining design elegance and functionality in each piece it produces.
Casamilano prefers to use ebony, oak and ash wood, chromed steel, bronze, and aluminum in furniture and accessories, where basic geometric shapes and clean lines dominate. Each of the furniture, which is completed with leather and fabrics that offer a wide range of color and texture options, is carefully produced with Italian craftsmanship.
Casamilano is one of the top Italian furniture brands. With its designs and collaborations, the brand, which is recognized in both national and international community, also offers design and production services for custom projects.

Top Italian Furniture Brands - Marioni
Top Italian Furniture Brands - Marioni
About Marioni
Marioni is a design and manufacturing company founded in Florence where the spirit of the renaissance can be felt in every street. Founded in 1966 by Paolo Marioni as a small pottery workshop, Marioni soon became a brand that produces furniture, lighting, sofas, chairs, furnishing, accessories, and armchairs, and has gained recognition in the market with entirely handmade products. Today, Marioni is a furniture manufacturer proudly bearing the Made in Italy label in both Italian and international markets and is considered one of the top Italian furniture brands.
Marioni provides high-quality furnishings to both Italian and international customers and offers many different finishing options. Paolo Marioni believes that each customer has different needs and demands. For this reason, he has taken care of focusing on providing unique products by working with expert designers to provide unique products to every customer. Marioni avoids mass production and designs and manufactures customized products in shape and size.
Marioni, where Italian luxury is felt in its designs, collaborates with designers and architects while creating collections. Marioni, which made its first designs by using ceramics and basic materials, currently uses all kinds of materials from marble to steel, glass to wood and creates its own unique products.
Marioni currently offers three furniture, upholstery, lighting, and accessory collections under the names NOTORIOUS, CONCEPT, and CLASSIC. All products are designed by a team of expert designers working at their headquarters in Calenzano, near Florence, and all are made in Italy.
Marioni adopts "made to order" philosophy. Instead of keeping finished products in stock, they keep semi-finished products in order to meet the finishing demands of their customers. Marioni, which stands out with its ability to use many different materials in the same product, has become one of the top Italian furniture brands thanks to this feature.
You can find Marioni designs in hotels, resorts, private residences, and yachts in many different countries of the world. Marioni, which has a close relationship with the hospitality industry, makes collaborations with architects, contractors, and interior designers to offer the solution that every customer needs. Marioni designs and manufactures products that have the Made in Italy label and has been continuing to be one of the top Italian furniture brands by offering exclusive products for more than fifty years.

Top Italian Furniture Brands - Kartell
Top Italian Furniture Brands - Kartell
About Kartell
Kartell is one of the most distinguished representatives of Italian design around the world. Founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli, Kartell was a company specializing in the production of automobile accessories in its early years. In 1963, Kartell turned its focus to home furnishing and became one of the leading Italian brands in this field with its unique designs.
Kartell, which became known in a short time with its stylish furniture, furnishings, lighting, and home accessories, has become one of the most preferred design brands of architects. Kartell has achieved very different appearances by using unusual materials in its products. The secret of this has been to collaborate with the world's leading architects and designers, to combine their design approaches with their production capabilities, and to present collections of exclusive designs to both consumers and industry professionals.
Headquartered in Noviglio, Italy, Kartell attaches great importance to durability and functionality in addition to its elegant design. Breaking ground with the plastic products it has designed, Kartell is one of the first brands to prove that plastic can be used in so many different forms and efficiency. Kartell became one of the top Italian furniture brands and becoming recognized worldwide thanks to this innovative product development philosophy.
Kartell, one of the top Italian furniture brands, created unique collections by collaborating with world-famous designers such as Philippe Starck, Tokujin Yoshioka, Ron Arad, Antonio Citterio, Piero Lissoni, Patricia Urquiola, Mario Bellini, Ferruccio Laviani, Alberto Meda, and Eugeni Quitllet.
Kartell has made significant changes in its marketing strategy for the last 15 years and has aimed to deliver its products to consumers and architects in their single-brand stores. Today, in addition to 250 shop-in-shops and 2500 retailers worldwide, Kartell collections are also available at its own 130 single-brand flagship stores. Under the leadership of Claudio Luti, Kartell continues to grow in international markets.
Kartell designs are known for their versatility, aesthetics, and user-friendliness, and their design has won numerous design awards thanks to these features. It also had the pleasure of winning the Compassi d'Oro, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, nine times. Kartell exhibits its decades of experience and heritage at the Museo Kartell.
The most crucial factor that makes Kartell one of the top Italian furniture brands is that it chooses to push the limits to create innovations, rather than follow the others.

Opera Contemporary
Top Italian Furniture Brands - Opera Contemporary
Top Italian Furniture Brands - Opera Contemporary
About Opera Contemporary
Lake Como, which is legendary with its beauty, has inspired many artists and craftsmen throughout history. The Brianza region, the capital of Italian art furniture, is located in this region, and Cabiate is the center of the furniture tradition with its workshops. Angelo Cappellini founded his company in Cabiate in 1886 and stepped into the cutthroat competition.
His passion and entrepreneurship enabled Angelo Cappellini to stand out among other workshops in the region. Angelo Cappellini, who has managed to combine artisan care with industrial production techniques, has distinguished himself in this way and has opened the door to being a world-renowned brand. As of the late 19th century, Angelo Cappellini has become a recognized Italian art furniture brand.
Angelo Cappellini has been producing furniture that reflects Italian style in every detail for more than 130 years. One of the top Italian furniture brands, Angelo Cappellini, continues its production in its 12,000 square meter factory located in the city of Cabiate, where it was founded.
In 2010, Angelo Cappellini founded the Opera Contemporary brand to design and produce contemporary furniture. Opera Contemporary has created a collection of cool and fashionable furniture and becomes one of the most preferred Italian furniture brands for consumers who have adopted a modern lifestyle.
Opera Contemporary, which has created its own modern style by using materials that are very different from each other by nature, combines precious wood with metal and glass to create artistic objects for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and home offices.
One of the top Italian furniture brands, Opera Contemporary, symbolizes the expression of contemporary lifestyle. The furniture bearing the label Made in Italy proves that detailed craftsmanship can be applied in harmony with industrial production techniques.
Angelo Cappellini was able to take the fruits of its decision in 2010 in a very short time. Angelo Cappellini, which has developed furniture for both residential and contracts, has managed to become one of the leaders in a competitive industry such as the Italian furniture industry for more than 130 years thanks to the philosophy of showing the same care to every furniture, from the smallest parts in its collections to the gigantic turnkey projects.

Top Italian Furniture Brands - Zanotta
Top Italian Furniture Brands - Zanotta
About Zanotta
Founded in 1954 by Aurelio Zanotta, Zanotta is one of the top Italian furniture brands and is also regarded as one of the leaders of Italian industrial design. Founder Aurelio Zanotta's entrepreneurial skills attracted the spotlight in the 1960s. The brand has undersigned many innovative designs and has managed to turn the designs that will remain in mind for decades in the furniture world into mass production products.
One of the most famous of these unique designs is "Sacco," which is also called the bean bag chair. Designed in 1968 by three Italian designers, Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro, "Sacco" opened new horizons in furniture design. And "Blow," the first inflatable chair, shows how innovative the brand is. Zanotta, who stretches and even breaks the traditional furniture design rules, has gained global recognition with this philosophy.
Zanotta is one of the first furniture manufacturers to expand the use of polyurethane foam in their furniture and to implement the frameless construction system. As a result, Sacco was the result of this approach. In the 1970s, Zanotta launched extraordinary collections by re-issuing unique designs that were thought to be very avant-garde for mass production in the years they were designed.
Zanotta has become one of the top Italian furniture brands as a result of the combination of quality materials and craftsmanship with extreme attention to detail. In sixty-five years, Zanotta designed more than 550 furniture. 330 individual pieces are part of the permanent collections of the world's most respected museums and institutes. Having succeeded in combining furniture design and art, Zanotta has won the Compasso d'Oro, one of the industry's most prestigious awards, three times.
Zanotta's remarkable designs include unique furniture such as the Lariana chair, the Throw Away armchair and sofa, the Sacco chair, the Sciangai coat rack, and the Tonietta chair. Zanotta has succeeded in becoming one of the top Italian furniture brands thanks to its visionary founder and working with world-famous designers.
Zanotta produces its own furniture at the Nova Milanese factory. The brand, which carries the "Made in Italy" label with pride, carries out its entire production in Italy. Zanotta designs meet consumers in 800 selected stores in more than 60 countries, as well as four flagship stores, and export 80% of its production. The brand founded by Aurelio Zanotta and named after him is one of the most successful Italian furniture brands worldwide.

Top Italian Furniture Brands - Selva
Top Italian Furniture Brands - Selva
About Selva
Selva is one of the best-known brands in the Italian luxury furniture industry. Founded in 1968 by Joseph 'Peppi' Selva in Bolzano, Italy, Selva has managed to grow continuously over the years and has found its place in the challenging luxury furniture market with its own style. Joseph 'Peppi' Selva, working with the artisans of the Verona region, one of the centers of Italian artistic furniture production, placed quality and high-level craftsmanship at the foundation of the brand and created timeless designs.
With its furniture symbolizing Italian aesthetics and quality, Selva is one of the top Italian furniture brands. The definition of luxury also expresses Selva and its products very well.
Selva, which is the center of attention of consumers by adding new products and collections to its portfolio every season, offers three different product lines. Selva Timeless consists of furniture that carries classical Italian furniture lines and suitable for all kinds of interior spaces. With its contemporary classicism concept, Selva Timeless appeals to a wide range of consumers.
Philipp Selva is the brand's other product line. Philipp Selva, the son of Selva's founder Joseph 'Peppi' Selva, took over the management in 1998 and took steps to make the brand have a bigger share in the contemporary furniture segment. Standing out with elegant and refined furniture designs, Philipp Selva reflects the modern mood of the brand. This modern product range of Philipp Selva was created by collaborations with famous designers such as Marzia and Leonardo Dainelli.
Selva collections, consisting entirely of furniture made in Italy, are designed as sculptures in which detail, curiosity, innovativeness, elegance, and Italian quality are combined. Offering stylish Italian furniture with two different product groups for residences, Selva also has a division that meets the special demands of the hotels with its specially designed product range. Selva Hospitality combines Italian elegance and quality in made to order furniture with its specialized staff in this field both in Italy and abroad projects.
Selva, one of the top Italian furniture brands, accepts that collaborations with designers are the key to the brand's ability to offer innovative furniture. In this direction, it has collaborated with renowned designers such as Tiziano Bistaffa, Peggy Norris, and Leonardo Dainelli for years and produced signature furniture.
In addition to the sales network throughout Italy, it is possible to find Selva quality in more than 50 countries in the world. Selva, which has managed to be a trendsetter instead of being a follower since its establishment, has been designing and producing stylish and innovative furniture for more than fifty years as one of the top Italian furniture brands.

Top Italian Furniture Brands - Moroso
Top Italian Furniture Brands - Moroso
About Moroso
Moroso, the realized dream of Agostino Moroso and his wife Diana, is a brand that embodies all the values ​​of the Italian furniture concept. With his designer and owner identity, Agostino Moroso established his own furniture brand, Moroso, in 1952. The artistic approach and creativity of Agostino Moroso is the basis of Moroso's vision.
Moroso designs and produces furniture with Italian elegance by combining craftsmanship and tailoring with industrial production techniques. Covered with contemporary art and fashion, sofas and seatings have made Moroso one of the top Italian furniture brands for nearly 70 years. Combining the quality of traditional Italian furniture with the creative designs of world-renowned designers, Moroso decorates many buildings, including the world's most famous museums and exhibition halls.
Having the awareness that creativity is one of the most important values, Moroso, as one of the top Italian furniture brands, has managed to expand internationally and has become a well-known brand around the world. In addition to the unique furniture in its catalogs, Moroso also produces custom furniture in line with customer demands. Moroso, which designs unique furniture for both commercial businesses such as hotels and offices, and luxurious residences, is one of the top Italian furnite brands that interior architects collaborate with while developing their projects. Customized projects are Moroso's specialty.
Moroso, which has adopted sustainable production, develops long-term trade relations with its suppliers and maintains a policy that plans to supply all kinds of raw materials and semi-finished products for a long time from the same source. Moroso, which also offers a seven-year parts warranty for any product it sells, manages to combine Italian quality with reliability.
Tavagnacco, Udine headquartered Moroso, is currently run by Roberto and Patrizia, representing the second generation of the Moroso family. Continuing the philosophy created by Agostino Moroso and even succeeding in carrying it further, the duo has made the Moroso one of the top Italian furniture brands sold in 64 different countries. With its collections in its catalogs and customized designs, Moroso continues to represent Italian craftsmanship, creativity, design and furniture production culture that gives importance to details for nearly 70 years.

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