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Top Luxury Jewelry Brands

The top jewelry brands are in a veiled race to offer unique designs to those who embrace luxury as a lifestyle. Luxury, which some people call extravagance, is at the center of lifestyles for some of us.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
 updated by Beren Dere
Top Luxury Jewelry Brands

Top Luxury Jewelry Brands

Although the top luxury jewelry brands did not determine the trends at that time, luxury is a concept that dates back to the existence of humanity. While a vast segment of the society worked to maintain their lives, a minority of them continued their lives in luxury. This can be seen in archaeological excavations. In an uncovered city, jugs and simple utensils are unearthed in many homes, while archaeologists can find jewelry that is proof of luxury in just a few homes.


These lifestyles, which have been separated by very sharp lines for many years, centuries and even millennia, are now intertwined. Luxury vehicles, luxury houses, luxury fashion, or luxury jewelry are part of our daily lives. We can see the stores of the top luxury jewelry brands on the street where we go from work to home. Now the most famous jewelry brands are trying to keep their product range as wide as possible. Of course, the high jewelry segment, which still appears unattainable to many of us, is the expertise of the world's top luxury jewelry brands. However, although a diamond ring is still a luxury jewel, it is more accessible than before.

The top luxury jewelry brands have expanded their product range since they realized they needed to appeal to a wider audience. It is no longer a dream to enter a world-famous jewelry brand's store and buy luxury jewelry decorated with precious stones for your spouse or lover. The fact that many top luxury jewelry brands have expanded their product ranges is a challenge for brands' design teams, but the freedom of choice for customers.


However, of course, the high jewel continues to maintain its grandeur. Necklaces, where even a single precious stone is expensive than a luxury car, are waiting in the crates for multi-millionaires or billionaires as the most exclusive designs of luxury jewelry brands. The top luxury jewelry brands are fighting each other in every segment. From the wedding ring of the couple to the necklace of a celebrity walking on the red carpet, and even to the unique pieces used by the royal families, all kinds of luxury jewelry are part of the unique collections of top luxury jewelry brands.

Jewelry is one of the products where the quality of craftsmanship is felt at the highest level. It is the result of combining quality materials with designers' unique ideas by the craftsmanship that requires the highest level of attention and talent. Each piece produced by the best jewelry brands is unique with its original features. What makes a brand high quality is that it produces all its products with the utmost care and attention, from the lowest price tagged product in its store to the most expensive one.

The top jewelry brands are distinguished by their collections, histories, store concepts, and uniqueness. We have listed some of the top jewelry brands for you. Let's stop remembering our loved ones only on birthdays and Valentine Day, let's make every day special.

Top Luxury Jewelry Brands

1. Chopard

Chopard was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in Sonvilier. Specializing in the production of pocket-watches and chronometers, Chopard continued to manufacture in the Sonvilier region in the Jura region, home to many Swiss watchmakers, until 1937.
After Louis-Ulysse's son Paul-Louis Chopard took over the company, he decided to move Chopard to Geneva in 1937. This decision indirectly became the first step to be one of the top jewelry brands. Geneva was internationally renowned as the capital of Haute Horlogerie, and being there has enabled Chopard to establish closer relationships with customers from all around the world.
Karl Scheufele III, a third-generation member of a German watchmaking and jewelry dynasty, planned to expand his family business by acquiring a Genova-based Swiss watchmaker. On a business trip to Switzerland, he met Paul-André Chopard and acquired Chopard.
Founded in 1904 by Karl Scheufele I in Pforzheim, Germany, the company had expertise in jewelry as well as watchmaking. Karl Scheufele III and his wife Karin focused on maintaining and furthering family traditions in both watchmaking and jewelry. In 1974, they decided to combine their expertise in watchmaking and jewelry to produce Swiss-made wristwatches which decorated with precious stones, and Chopard built a new production facility in Geneva-Meyrin.
In 1976, Chopard created the first Happy Diamonds watch, which allowed the brand to begin its association with diamonds. This patented design has become one of Chopard's symbols.
Since the early 1980s, Karl and Karin's children, Caroline and Karl-Friedrich, have taken an active role in the company and heralded the beginning of Chopard Jewelry. Adorned with diamonds and colorful precious stones created by Caroline Scheufele, the Happy Clown became the mascot of the brand and Chopard made its first step into the world of luxury jewelry.
In 1983, Chopard started to establish its exclusive boutique network and opened its first stand-alone boutique in Hong Kong. In 1986, it opened its first store in Europe in Geneva. Chopard was one of the first brands to launch this initiative among luxury jewelry brands.
After becoming an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival, in 1998, the Festival President asked Caroline Scheufele to redesign the Palme d'Or trophy. This collaboration inspired the Chopard, a luxury jewelry brand, and the Haute Joaillerie Red Carpet collection, launched in 2007, is the result of this inspiration.
Luxury watch brand Chopard has been producing luxury jewelry for a shorter time period compared to other luxury jewelry brands, but with its unique designs, Chopard has become one of the top luxury jewelry brands.
Happy Diamonds is still the brand's signature as Chopard's flagship collection. With the motto, "Diamonds are happy when they are set free!" Happy Diamonds products have been popular since 1976 when the concept was designed. In addition to Happy Diamonds, Chopard offers five different luxury jewelry collections. Chopard collections redefine luxury with each product made with the highest quality precious stones and metals. The utmost care in the production of Chopard jewelry gives them their souls.
Chopard has raised the bar every year with its high jewelry collections. Chopard, one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to high jewelry, introduced the Red Carpet Haute Joaillerie Collection, dedicated to the Cannes Film Festival. The unique designs in the high jewelry collections were highly appreciated, and Chopard decided to renew this collection every year.
Every single piece from the Chopard high jewelry collection is unique. These unique jewelry, which adorns necks and wrists of even a small section of the world's most famous and wealthy people, are enough to make Chopard one of the best luxury jewelry brands.

2. Bulgari

Bulgari is one of the most famous and respected luxury jewelry brands in the world. In addition to luxury jewelry, Bulgari is among the most preferred brands with its luxury watches, fragrances, and accessories.
Bulgari's history dates back to a small jewelry shop founded by silversmith Sotirios Voulgaris. The founder of Bulgari was born in 1857 in Epirus Village, Greece. Sotirios Voulgaris moved to Rome in 1881 and opened his first jewelry shop in 1884, laying the foundations for the Bulgari brand.
Sotirios Voulgaris wanted the Bulgari company to become a family legacy, and this happened. Today the company is led by Paolo Bulgari, son of Leonidas-Georgios, one of Sotirios' six children.
In 1905, Bulgari opened its store in Via Condotti, Rome's famous fashion and shopping street, which would later become the company's flagship store. This was a big step on the road from being a local jewelry shop to an international brand.
In its early years, Bulgari designed silver jewels, combining figures of Byzantine and Islamic art with floral motifs. Sotirios Voulgaris closely followed the contemporary art and fashion movements and reflected them in his designs. In the 1920s, Paris was considered the center of fashion and creativity, and it was possible to see this trend in platinum Art Deco jewelry designed by Sotirios. Then the colorful gemstones became the indispensable parts of the jewels.
Sotirios Voulgaris died in 1932 and his two sons, Giorgio and Costantino, took over the leadership of Bulgari. The two brothers, who were interested in jewels using precious stones, had to suppress these demands due to the Second World War and to design mainly natural gold jewels.
The BVLGARI logo was first introduced at the entrance of the flagship store in the Via Condotti in 1934. In ancient Rome, "V" was used instead of "U," the Bulgari logo was changed in this way and the BVLGARI logo, which is still used today, was born.
After the war, precious white metals decorated with diamonds were popular, followed by the age of jewels embellished with colored gemstones. Bulgari has become the choice of celebrities with luxury jewelry designed according to the trends of each period. Elizabeth Taylor and Ingrid Bergman were some of the famous customers of Bulgari.
Giorgio Bulgari died in 1966 and his son Gianni Bulgari and his cousin Marina began running the company. Under Gianni's leadership, Bulgari took essential steps during the 1970s and opened stores in New York, Paris, Geneva, and Monte Carlo. In 1977 Gianni launched BVLGARI Watch, and make a sensational entry into the world of Horlogerie.
Bulgari has always dazzled with luxury jewelry, but it has never hesitated to step into different areas. Bulgari, which has already taken its place in the world of watches, has made initiatives in different areas for consumers who love luxury.
Bulgari launched its first fragrance in 1993 and its first accessory collection in 1995. In 2004, Bulgari added a different perspective to luxury accommodation and collaboration with Marriot International, Bulgari opened the first luxury Bulgari Hotel in Milan.
As one of the top luxury jewelry brands, Bulgari has become the choice of celebrities with its expertise in high-end jewelry. The unique works adorned with breathtaking precious stones reflect the production and design philosophy of the brand. In addition to high-end jewelry, popular jewelry collections such as B.zero 1, Serpenti, BVLGARI BVLGARI are among Bulgari's signature jewels.
Bulgari, one of the top luxury jewelry brands, offers its customers unique collections in the world's leading cities with more than 300 stores.

3. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.

4. Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels

5. Harry Winston

Harry Winston

6. Mikimoto


7. Piaget


8. Graff


9. Tacori


10. Buccellati


11. Cartier


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